Quality and environmental policy

Quality and environmental policy

CIDEYEG, S.A manufactures cases, labels, leaflets and cardboard packaging with offset printing.

Our mission is to seek the continuous improvement of our processes n order to improve their environmental performance and meet our clients’ needs and expectations, in a commitment to contributing to the protection of the environmentby managing waste efficiently, preventing pollution,reducing our carbon footprint and providing our customers with more environmentally friendly technical solutions.

To meet these goals, we count on the collaboration of all our employees and must:

  • • Understand our clients’ needs, requirements and expectations, respecting the agreed-upon delivery deadlines and quality standards.
  • • Comply with FSC values and all regulations and legal requirements applicable to our company, as well as other requirements we have committed to.
  • • Choose partners who accept the commitment to seek continuous improvement in the products they provide to us, applying the relevant monitoring and controls to each of their processes in order to fulfil this commitment.
  • • Protect the environment through the rational use of natural resources, promoting their reduced utilisation, committing to the use of less polluting raw materials and practices, and progressively expanding the use of FSC and PEFC materials.
  • • Promote professionalism and employee engagement through awareness-raising initiatives and training.

All CIDEYEG, S.A. employees are notified of this policy, and it is available to all interested parties upon request.

Montse Vilanova

Senior Management of CIDEYEG, S.A.

22 June 2022