We dress up your products

with quality materials and sustainable values.

Our experience in customised packaging

Tailor-made packaging for every need and customer

60 years protecting your products with environmentally friendly packaging printing.

We present brands with environmentally friendly packaging

The latest technology for the most innovative packaging

We help you create the perfect packaging

Major brands have entrusted us with their first printing.

We are your marketing partners

Tell us your idea, your project, and we will make it a reality.

The latest technology for the most innovative packaging

We tailor-make your product and accompany you throughout the process to ensure that the design and creation of packs is in keeping with your brand image and character.

We create a proposal for each client

Before we create the packaging, we design the ideal prototype to provide your products with the most advanced technology, creating prototypes with the same ideals as your products.


We have a full printing setup with 30 printing units in which we print both in conventional ink and UVI ink with a wide variety of varnishes and finishes. This allows us to work on all projects in an efficient and agile way.


High production capacity. We have 5 fully automatic, state-of-the-art die-cutting machines equipped with a stripping and positioning separation system (separation of the packs into individual units from the printed cardboard sheets). This part of the process allows us to gain high production capacity, agility and speed.

Quality control

We check that the work has been carried out rigorously and monitor the final quality. Quality controls are carried out throughout the production process to ensure that manufacturing is carried out in accordance with the product specifications. Just prior to delivery, the quality control team is responsible for checking the product for release by carrying out a thorough inspection of the production process to ensure the highest quality standards. These are certified by our management system, in accordance with the UNE EN ISO 9001 standard.

Tailor-made solutions and finishes for each project

We know that there are no second chances for a first printing, that’s why we offer multiple possibilities to create the ideal packaging for your products. We specialise in the creation, development and manufacture of solid board packs. We are also committed to the environment throughout the entire process.

Maximum quality with certified environmental commitment

Creating an innovation environment of suppliers that implement sustainable practices is the added value we want to give to your brand. Our challenge in recent years has been to reduce the carbon footprint of all business activity. Today, we work with the best European partners that allow us to reduce CO2 emissions and guarantee top quality materials.

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