Cideyeg have collaborated with TXELL MIRAS®, a fashion designer from Barcelona, to create a new dress for her brand collection rococont, the folding card board dress. Cideyeg, made the challenge working and collaborating side by side with Txell Miras®

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Cideyeg have collaborated with TXELL MIRAS®, a fashion designer from Barcelona, to create a new dress for her brand collection rococont, the folding card board dress. Cideyeg, made the challenge working and collaborating side by side with Txell Miras®

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CIDEYEG is a printing plant specialised in Packaging Design and Graphics Creation. Like all companies, we have a story: in 1972, the company Estudios Grficos was founded, which, years later, bought Envasos Grficos. A few years later, in 1992, the two companies merged to become CIDEYEG, S.A., with 100% of the shares owned by the family. At present, a significant part of our turnover is generated in Catalonia, although we also work nationally and for countries in the European Community.

We have more than 10,000 m2 of installations, in which over 125 highly qualified professionals work 24 hours a day to create and develop innovative solutions for each client. We always maintain the high levels of quality demanded by our clients, as certified by the ISO 9001 standard, and we apply the most advanced technologies to the creation of packaging so that each one is unique.

CIDEYEG focuses on defined working principles, which include:

  • Satisfying our clients' explicit and implicit areas of work.

  • Motivating workers for maximum productivity, instilling the principles of quality, good service, concern for the environment and flexibility.

In addition, through our philosophy, we are committed to minimising the waste we generate, as well as to energy saving, and the sustainable use of raw materials. At CIDEYEG we promote regular training for workers through programmes and courses, and also collaborate with different organisations to provide professional training by means of work placements.


Cideyeg was born 50 years ago, when Salvador Vilanova, the president of the company, started his project in the graphic arts business.

In 1972 Salvador Vilanova founded Estudios Grficos, which then bought Envases Grficos. The company grew up and was moved to Avinguda Del Valls, in that moment it became CIDEYEG.

Compaia Industrial de Estudios y Envases Grficos (1992)

Salvador Vilanova, infused the company with his knows how, his effort, his persistence and the versatility. This is how today works Cideyeg and will work with 50 year of experience in this business.


Cideyeg features a brand new ink laboratory, Production surface: 12.000m2. 22 printer units. Die cutting zone with the new updates from Iberica AG. Wide range of gluing machines specialized in: packaging with high added value... Download our catalog here


The line of our products as big as the imagination of our clients, because we run with them,we help them, and we advise them to create a luxury packaging.

Production process

We design the ideal prototype for each project, prior to creating the packaging, using the most up-to-date layout equipment.

Our Pre-Printing Department is already prepared with the latest technology from AGFA, with the model Avalon N8 ? 24; this model gives us the chance to feed 23 printing bodies. In our Offset printing business, the plate is one of the most important assets; that is why, we produce 1,500 plates per month.

This section cuts the material to size so that it can be used, unless an exact size has been requested. Individual units are also cut to size in the different manufacturing processes for products such as: leaflets with two or three folds, and particularly pharmacy and parapharmacy brochures, which are folded subsequently.

The Cideyeg Laboratory works 16 hours a day, so it allows us to speed up the samples for our clients and also to produce thousands of pantones, and feed ink to the 23 printing bodies and varnish. Our UV and Conventional ink dispensing, which are complemented with specific software, gives us the chance to prepare a wide range of inks and pantones; therefore, we can save and only use the needed useful inks so as to get the most optimal production.

Currently, Cideyeg owns seventeen 75x105 printing bodies and six 60x70 printing bodies with which they can print UV and CONVENTIONAL inks in four different machines, each one with a varnish body. Our big park of printing machines allows us to provide our clients with the agility, quality and the speed for the service they need.

Heat stamping of the aluminium-plated film is carried out in different colours, both matte and shiny, at a temperature of around 120 with a thickness of approximately 12 microns, giving the product an exceptional finish and quality.

We have 5 fully automatic die cutting machines, equipped with a plucking system (to expel excess cardboard) and a system to separate units (separation of packaging into individual units from sheets of printed cardboard), which enables higher production capacity, agility and speed. We also have thermal equipment to process packaging manufactured from plastic.

Using P.V.C or P.E.T. windows in packaging makes it possible to view the product inside, while creating high quality packaging.

We have a wide range of gluing machines specialised in: product boxes, autolock bottom boxes, product boxes + hang tab, folders, 4-sided display boxes, etc. We also have a double INKJET printer for incremental codes, with black or invisible ink for the inside and outside of the packaging. We ensure that the phase is conducted correctly by using the plasma machine adapted to all our gluing machines.

This area implements auxiliary finishing processes for some of the products we manufacture, as well as preparing and picking the final product. This involves preparing the product for subsequent delivery to the client with the maximum speed and efficiency that all our clients deserve.

We have specific personnel dedicated to monitoring compliance with the UNE EN ISO 9001 quality standard. This personnel is in charge of final quality control for our products, immediately before shipping. They conduct spot checks and inspections during specific production processes in each area.

For all client deliveries, CIDEYEG has a fleet of trucks to ensure that the products arrive in perfect condition. We spare no effort to meet the demands of our clients.

More than 3,000 m2 enable us to store all raw materials and finished products. This speeds up the delivery process and enables us to control the material that is received, available and delivered. We do this with great efficiency.




Adress: Avinguda del Valls, 1 08228 Terrassa, Barcelona

Phone: 93 786 02 26

Fax: 93 786 49 15